The company can assist with a landscape assessment to advance and promote plans and planting strategies for the future development of the course. The work will focus on appropriate planting types relevant to the climate, soils and fundamental needs and playing strategy of the golf course.

  1. Landscape proposal
    Landscape proposal
  2. Landscape proposal
    Landscape proposal
  3. Landscape proposal
    Landscape proposal
  4. Landscape proposal
    Landscape proposal
  5. Landscape proposal
    Landscape proposal

Through introducing consultants expert in their field the company can develop a plan and strategy with the management and maintenance staff to develop the ecology and wildlife habitats for the enhancement of the golf course and the long term benefit of the environment.

An increasing number of incidents on golf courses have emanated from internal design and maintenance issues as well as from a variety of external factors.  It is beneficial for the management or operator of the course to be provided with opinion and made aware of potential safety problems through undertaking a safety audit. This would combine a site visit with plans, satellite imagery and analysis.

The company has experience as an independent expert providing reports, plans and opinion for the benefit of the court and has undertaken work in a variety of legal cases within the United Kingdom. The company provides analysis and opinion as a course designer or opinion acting as a golf expert.