Our designs are based on traditional ideas and concepts having played on the best golf courses in the British Isles, United States and around the world.  As professional golfers we have a clear understanding of how the game can be played at the highest level and our courses are designed to meet that challenge.

The fundamental philosophy of our course designs is to produce a test of golf that will challenge players of all abilities, enhance the enjoyment of their golf experience and to increase their level of interest in the game.

The principle for design remains the same for championship, resort, private membership or public courses.  We believe that all golfers must be presented with a visual challenge and the opportunity to determine a strategy for playing the course depending upon their individual ability.

A golf course is a blend of emotions and ideas and it is an opportunity to create an enduring legacy on the landscape.  It is important to have an appreciation of the wider natural setting and to understand how to adapt the golf course in to the existing features and terrain to the maximum advantage.

We believe that an increasing aspect of our design responsibility is to develop the landscape and ecology of the golf course.  Working together with consultants in the field we integrate ideas and specifications into the design and construction process to protect and develop the landscape and ecology for the future.

We understand the economic realities of a project and undertake to maintain the critical path of the programme and the budget through the planning, design and construction stages.


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