The company has considerable experience in assessing the potential parcels of land with the suitability of the client’s aims and objectives. The site is assessed in more particular detail for it’s suitability for a golf course with more in depth appraisal of ground conditions, vegetation, availability of water and rating as a golf
course location.

The company will prepare a basic layout of the golf course giving an indication of the routing of the golf holes from an indicative clubhouse location. The concept will be used as a discussion document and to guide other appointed consultants towards the optimum golf course terrain. Other ancillary requirements such as maintenance areas, water storage and preliminary access routes will be indicated.
In conjunction with other appointed consultants the company refines the preliminary layout for incorporation into the general masterplan for the project. The golf course layout is further developed to provide a more accurate interface with other project development considerations. Any clubhouse, hotel or residential development parcels are more clearly defined with an indicative circulation and road layout
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