To develop with the client team of consultants the initial design brief with outline proposals and sketches to determine options and a preferred conceptual masterplan proposal.
​​STAGE 1.1: SITE APPRAISAL & DESIGN BRIEF - Utilising and analysing topographical maps, satellite images or other information available develop design criteria and rational.

STAGE 1.2: PRELIMINARY MASTERPLAN - Develop preliminary information to include core development requirements and  integrate initial golf course proposals.

To develop preliminary concept to a final masterplan proposal that meets with client brief and expectations. Detailed design for the course is progressed in conjunction with other project development requirements to provide an integrated design solution. 

STAGE 2.1: FINAL MASTERPLAN – Develop golf course layout with an emphasis on spatial and visual requirements. This stage places more emphasis on an integrated development criteria and landscape enhancements with the objective of producing a golf course solution for approval.  

DTL recommends independent irrigation consultant, agronomy consultant and landscape architect as a requirement for completing the detailed design. DTL will require engineering consultant for specific structural design installations.

STAGE 2.2: PLANNING – information or technical details brought forward from detail or schematic design.

STAGE 2.3: DETAIL OR SCHEMATIC DESIGN – all preliminary information is advanced to greater design detail.
  • Setting out plan for key golf course features and co-ordinates.
  • General contouring, earthworks proposals and volumetric calculations.
  • Lake designs, bridge designs, and lake overflows (in conjunction with engineering consultant).
  • General grassing plan and irrigation areas.
  • Integrate golf design with hard landscaping proposals, halfway house, shelters, aesthetic walling, streams, cascades, cart path and maintenance track.
  • Integrate golf design with engineering consultant – features such as bridges, retaining walls, storm culverts or pipes.
  • Final green details and contouring.
  • Final tee and bunker formations.
  • Final fairway shaping and mounding.
  • Co-ordination of design with planting schedules.
  • Standard details.  

Design documents and technical information.
STAGE 3.1:

TENDER DOCUMENTS - The detailed design plans, technical specification and bill of quantities is incorporated into information suitable for tender procurement.

DTL’s design input extends throughout the construction period to the opening of the course for play.  
STAGE 4.1: 

DESIGN OBSERVATION – Visits to view progress and approve course details.

SITE MANAGEMENT – Full-time personnel with golf course construction experience retained on a monthly basis through construction. Provides approvals for materials and contractor programmes.

SHAPING SPECIALIST – A machine operator with appropriate construction experience to assist in delivering the course to the plans and design intent.